Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here we are, born to be... bloggers?

Well, here it is, my entry into the world of blogging. Actually, this is my second entry, but my first one didn't last very long.

It feels somehow, I don't know, narcissistic? To think that I can put my thoughts into words that will have any import to anyone other than people who know me directly. But, having realized that, at least if those people read this, I'll have been able to share some of my entertaining or informative experiences.

A couple people have mentioned to me over the last few months that I should start a blog. I just waved it off at first, but for some reason the comments stuck in my head, and I've been unable to rid myself of them for the past few weeks. Hopefully this will satisfy whatever bizarre craving it is that's kept me thinking about blogs.

I think maybe reading slightly-less-random's blog was what finally pushed me over the edge. Damn you Ben. :)

1 comment:

slightly-less-random said...

Rad! Now you have been added to my bloglines.