Monday, May 29, 2006

Subway Geniuses

The brainiac employees of Subway strike again. Way too much freakin' mustard.
I really don't understand how their brain is functioning. I asked for "mayo", just "mayo". I didn't qualify or quantify, and I got one line of mayo across my sandwich. Then I asked for "Just a little bit of mustard, just one line", to which I got THREE lines of mustard! If that's "a little bit", than how much is "a lot"? Do they have a bucket of mayo somewhere they'll just dip the whole freakin' sandwich in if I ask for "a lot"? I told her as much this time. I said "I asked for a LITTLE BIT of mustard", and she proceded to very painfully try to scrape mustard off of the shredded lettuce.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Perfect Subject

I had a fun day today, to top off a rather boring work. I've been in a "Advanced JBoss" training session in Burnaby all week, and it's been incredibly boring. If you thought 3 hour university lectures were a drag, try 8 hours. We get breaks, for lunch, and to keep our rear ends from fusing with the chairs, but still, 4 days of listening to the same guy go on about basically the same thing, for at least 6.5 of those 8 hours is rather tedious. To say the least.
Anyways, today was much better, partly just from the knowledge that it was the last day. Also, we went out for lunch today, as the food suplied the other days was a bit lacking. Lunch at Cactus Club was entertaining.
After work, I drove downtown to pick up Sara where she had been working, at the Robson Sage store, and take us to Tinsletown to meet up with many friends for dinner and a movie, X-Men 3. We went to this great Chinese place for dinner, I don't remember the name, but Ben recommended it. He told the waiter we wanted a meal for $14 each, and the waiter worked his magic, and shortly after, food started appearing on the table. It was awesome.
After the wonderful dinner, we walked back to Tinsletown and managed to get some decent seats for the movie, even though we arrived only 25 minutes before showtime on opening night. The movie was excellent. A lot of it was filmed in Vancouver, or at Royal Roads University outside Victoria, so some of the buildings were familiar. A lot of the outdoorsy stuff looks like it was filmed around here too.
When we got home, I noticed a dragonfly on the inside of the gate, just sitting there. I grabbed the camera and my tripod and headed out there. I'm rather happy about this, because Hez was kind enough to lend me his absolutely gorgeous Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L lens for a few days, and I haven't really had much time to shoot anything with it. My goodness goes that lens have a LOT of glass in it! It's enourmous! Anyways, I got what I think will be some great shots.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mystery Gas?

This news article is just so creepy. It's like something you'd only expect to hear in the movies. Person #1 goes missing. Person #2 goes looking, and finds them dead. Person #2 goes for help, and brings in Person #3 and #4. On returning to the body of Person #1, Person #2 dies, followed by #3 and #4. Totally freakish.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

British Submarines

I just read a newspaper article about some submarines that Canada bought from Britain in 1998 that made me laugh.
The deal was considered good at the time, but the fleet has been plagued with problems ever since. There have been serious electrical problems, rust and general deterioration in the submarines, which had sat mothballed in salt water for the previous four years.
Something British that has electrical problems and rust, who'da thunk!

40 Year Celebration


8:30 am: Jessica and Dorothy have arrived at our house by 8:30 as requested, and we're nowhere near ready. I'm in the process of topping up the coolant on the van, which had been overheating, and Sara is running around doing the packing we didn't do the night before. I was absolutely exhausted from a week of late nights, so I had a nap after work. Sara decided (thanks hun!) that I could probably use the sleep, so she didn't wake me up for dinner and packing, and I proceeded to sleep through till morning, 12 hours later. We got up at 7:30 and started packing and getting things ready, but after an hour, we still had a long ways to go.

Sara had spent Thursday driving to Dorothy and Jessica's places to get their stuff, but it was kind of haphazardly packed in the van, so that needed to be all unloaded, and repacked, without stuff, so we could get it all in. That took a while, and to make things even more fun, it decided to rain, and even hail, while we were in the process. We had to cover everything we unloaded with tarps so that it didn't get soaked.

Around 10:30 am we finally had everything packed, and hit the road.

The drive down was fairly uneventful until Renton. We were ripping down the 405, through Renton, looking for the exit to the 167, which I missed, when I suddenly realized that we were crossing the I-5, heading west. Whoops, wrong way. Turning around didn't look feasable, as there was miles of backed up traffic heading back east on the 405, so we took a little detour, and got on the I-5 heading south, which was an alternate route to the event. But, it was not to be. Traffic on the I-5 was horribly, so we found an exit in Tacoma that would take us over to Puyalluo, which was back on the route we had planned. So, after an hour long detour, we were back on track.

We stopped in Randle at the Adams-St Hellens Family Restaurant for a delicious pork chop dinner (we all had the pork chops), and raided the market next door for food and booze. We arrived at the site around 8:30 pm, as the sun was dipping below the horizon, and had just enough time to set up two of the three tents before darkness desended, leaving us to set up the third in the dark.

The site tokens for the event are beautiful stamped coins. They're quite large, and very nicely done. Some merchants were holders for them to wear around your neck, so we bought the ones Redwolf was selling. They're nice silver rings to go around the golden tokens. I don't know what either is actually made of, so by silver and gold I just mean the color.

The first night there we were quite shocked how cold it got. There was heavy frost on the ground in the morning, which the scorching sun promply eliminated. Thankfully we all had loads and loads of blankets. Despite that, the cold did cause lack of sleep for some.


On Saturday, we had breadfast at the Dew Drop Inn. There, we met Phillip (pronounced very Frenchly, Philleep), the Thief of An Tir. He took our orders, which he relayed to the lackey at the back, and we chatted with him while waiting for our Uber Breakfasts. He has some very interesting stories about food, amongst other things.

Later that day, Sara talked to Silverstone, the owner of the Inn, and arranged to do some chair massage for him, Phillip, and another, in exchange for some free meals for her and I. Gotta love barter.

In the afternoon, I popped over to the archery range, while Sara was doing massage, and shot a few rounds. I wasn't feeling particularly energetic in the heat, so I just shot at a close target a bunch, and watched my score go from 11 to 18 over the course of about 6 rounds. Oh, I almost forgot. I was wearing my wonderful new bracers that I bought at the event, from Arrow Leather. I bought a hat there on Sunday too, so I don't have to steal Sara's hat any more.

In the evening, after a delicious (free!) burger at the Dew Drop Inn, I layed down for a nap while Sara did some sewing on her new dress. From 9pm until midnight, some of the merchants where having a "midnight madness" sale, so we took advantage of that to pick up a few things. Unfortunatly, the hat place was closed, so I had to wait until Sunday morning to get my hat.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Massage Chair!

Sara's massage chair arrived yesterday, and joy of joys, I recieved the first massage! Now, if only I can find a way to make this a regular occurance... hmmm.
Sara also showed me a really funny video of some Aussie comedy band. I'll have you know, my map reading skills are excellent.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So, I decided to try out today. So far, it seems pretty cool. I really like the idea of being able to keep track of bookmarks at work and at home, and on any computer, instead of being on my laptop and realizing the site I need is bookmarked at home on my desktop.
I'm going to try it out for a while, and see how it goes, but I'm feeling optimistic so far.

Hit n' Miss

Archery last night was kind of lame. By the time I arrived at around 7:00, everyone else was already leaving. Apparently most of them arrive at 5:00 or 5:30. Guess they must not be 9-5 workers. One guy stayed later, so I stayed with him for 45 minutes or so. My aim was horribly compared to last week. I fired one arrow into the wood frame around the butt, and wasn't able to retrieve it intact. I busted it right off from the tip trying to get it out. At least it broke right at the tip, so it's only a couple centimeters shorter, and I can probably put a new tip on.
With that, and the other two that I've lost the tips on, I'm down from 12 arrows to 9. Or was it 11 I had fully made, and one without feathers? I can't even remember.

My Boss the Comedian

My boss here is quite the comedian. Well, both of my bosses, actually. They conspire regularly to ensure I enjoy my new job, damn them.

I sent them a short email today, reminding them that I'll be away Friday and Monday, and recieved an email shortly after:
Perhaps you didn't see this:
On that page was the following:
Vacation Policy

At this time, senior management has concluded that vacations form a serious drain on the company's resources and agility.

No vacation requests will be considered until further notice. Please understand that we believe this is best for the company. If you have any questions, please talk with your Technical Team Lead. We would be glad to field further concerns once we return from our extended work-related travels to Florida.


The Management
That got a good laugh out of me. I responded in kind, by saying that I'll be bringing my bow and arrows in to work to practice then, and asking when they plan to return from Florida.

Laughs all around. :)

Archery Tonight

I'm looking forward to archery practice tonight. Hopefully I'll get there in time to do a couple royal rounds with everyone before they all head off. Last week, they all left only half an hour or so after I got there. I'd really like to get some royal rounds in, as a refresher before the event this weekend.

On another note, I managed to communicate my desire for only a LITTLE BIT of mustard today, and my sandwich was much better for all that.

Monday, May 08, 2006


So I just got back picking up lunch from Subway, and I feel I have to blog this. It's happened to me 3 times now, all at the same Subway.
I like mayo. I generally like lots of mayo on my subs. Mustard, I'm not so crazy about. I like a little bit of it, as it does add something, but I find that too much of it just overwhelms the flavor of the rest of the food. Enter Subway. In theory, the great thing about Subway is that you tell them exactly what you want on the sub, and they assemble it to your specifications.
Subway Employee: "What would you like on your sub?"
Me: "Lettuce ..." pause for them to finish that so I don't overwhelm them with information. I find that if I tell them more than one thing at a time, they usually do the first one, and then just stop and look at me for more instructions. I've concluded that I'll save precious air and frustration by just giving it to them one at a time. Same thing at any fast food joint.
Me: "I'll have the #7, with Coke, to go."
Them: "#7, with Coke. Is that for here?"
But anyways, back to the subway.
Me: "Mayo... just a little bit of mustard."
So three times now, I've stood and watched as they pick up the mayo, and make one thin pass with the mayo across my sandwich. Sometimes I ask for lots of mayo, and that usually works out well. But then, they pick up the mustard and run it across my sandwich, and then again! Two strips of mustard when I asked for "just a little bit", and one of mayo when I didn't specify a quantity. What don't they understand about "a little bit". I've thought about calling them on it before, and maybe I will next time. At this point, there's a delicious, almost ready, sandwich sitting 3 feet away from me, and they procede to dump way too much mustard on it, overwhelming the flavors of the cheese and deli meats.
What's a guy to do?

Cars are expensive

I was just thinking about the list of things that need to be (or really should be) fixed on the car. It's kind of depressing.
  • Cracked headlight
  • Ripped & shrunk top
  • Shocks and springs
  • Skipping stereo
  • Wiper blades
  • Most fluids
In addition, there's still some weird rattle underneath the car that's only gotten louder, and a rattle under the right corner of the hood somewhere that's been driving me nuts for 2 years.

Threats and Allegations

So my good friend sonneva has threatened me with no Quiche unless I keep blogging. I guess as far as motivational strategies, there are worse.
I had a great weekend. Sara made me breakfast in bed on Saturday. She made bacon and eggs, with waffled with chopped strawberries and bananas on them. Sooo tasty.
While we ate breakfast, we watched a movie, Sideways. On Friday night, we were at a friend's housewarming party, and borrowed three movies. Someone told us Sideways was good. It says on the cover "Best comedy of the year", along with other glorious reviews and praises from illustrious newspapers and magazines. Frankly, I thought it was a piece of crap. Well, maybe not that bad. But best comedy of the year, my ass. There were maybe 3 scenes where I actually laughed. The rest of it was incredibly depressing, or just downright annoying.
After breakfast and the movie, we drove out to Boorman Archery in New Westminster so I could renew my membership in the Burnaby Archers. I'm looking forward to practice again this Tuesday, as it will be the second and last opportunity to shoot before the big SCA event this weekend. They 40th anniversary of the SCA is this year, and the local celebration is happening down near Olympia, WA this coming weekend.
Well, back to work.