Saturday, May 27, 2006

Perfect Subject

I had a fun day today, to top off a rather boring work. I've been in a "Advanced JBoss" training session in Burnaby all week, and it's been incredibly boring. If you thought 3 hour university lectures were a drag, try 8 hours. We get breaks, for lunch, and to keep our rear ends from fusing with the chairs, but still, 4 days of listening to the same guy go on about basically the same thing, for at least 6.5 of those 8 hours is rather tedious. To say the least.
Anyways, today was much better, partly just from the knowledge that it was the last day. Also, we went out for lunch today, as the food suplied the other days was a bit lacking. Lunch at Cactus Club was entertaining.
After work, I drove downtown to pick up Sara where she had been working, at the Robson Sage store, and take us to Tinsletown to meet up with many friends for dinner and a movie, X-Men 3. We went to this great Chinese place for dinner, I don't remember the name, but Ben recommended it. He told the waiter we wanted a meal for $14 each, and the waiter worked his magic, and shortly after, food started appearing on the table. It was awesome.
After the wonderful dinner, we walked back to Tinsletown and managed to get some decent seats for the movie, even though we arrived only 25 minutes before showtime on opening night. The movie was excellent. A lot of it was filmed in Vancouver, or at Royal Roads University outside Victoria, so some of the buildings were familiar. A lot of the outdoorsy stuff looks like it was filmed around here too.
When we got home, I noticed a dragonfly on the inside of the gate, just sitting there. I grabbed the camera and my tripod and headed out there. I'm rather happy about this, because Hez was kind enough to lend me his absolutely gorgeous Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L lens for a few days, and I haven't really had much time to shoot anything with it. My goodness goes that lens have a LOT of glass in it! It's enourmous! Anyways, I got what I think will be some great shots.

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Sara said...

Heehee... I also used one of your Dragonfly pics on my blog posting today... Loved those pictures!