Monday, May 29, 2006

Subway Geniuses

The brainiac employees of Subway strike again. Way too much freakin' mustard.
I really don't understand how their brain is functioning. I asked for "mayo", just "mayo". I didn't qualify or quantify, and I got one line of mayo across my sandwich. Then I asked for "Just a little bit of mustard, just one line", to which I got THREE lines of mustard! If that's "a little bit", than how much is "a lot"? Do they have a bucket of mayo somewhere they'll just dip the whole freakin' sandwich in if I ask for "a lot"? I told her as much this time. I said "I asked for a LITTLE BIT of mustard", and she proceded to very painfully try to scrape mustard off of the shredded lettuce.

1 comment:

Sara said...

Teehee... you POOR boy... maybe it is time to find another sandwich place to eat at... Quiznos is good!