Monday, May 08, 2006


So I just got back picking up lunch from Subway, and I feel I have to blog this. It's happened to me 3 times now, all at the same Subway.
I like mayo. I generally like lots of mayo on my subs. Mustard, I'm not so crazy about. I like a little bit of it, as it does add something, but I find that too much of it just overwhelms the flavor of the rest of the food. Enter Subway. In theory, the great thing about Subway is that you tell them exactly what you want on the sub, and they assemble it to your specifications.
Subway Employee: "What would you like on your sub?"
Me: "Lettuce ..." pause for them to finish that so I don't overwhelm them with information. I find that if I tell them more than one thing at a time, they usually do the first one, and then just stop and look at me for more instructions. I've concluded that I'll save precious air and frustration by just giving it to them one at a time. Same thing at any fast food joint.
Me: "I'll have the #7, with Coke, to go."
Them: "#7, with Coke. Is that for here?"
But anyways, back to the subway.
Me: "Mayo... just a little bit of mustard."
So three times now, I've stood and watched as they pick up the mayo, and make one thin pass with the mayo across my sandwich. Sometimes I ask for lots of mayo, and that usually works out well. But then, they pick up the mustard and run it across my sandwich, and then again! Two strips of mustard when I asked for "just a little bit", and one of mayo when I didn't specify a quantity. What don't they understand about "a little bit". I've thought about calling them on it before, and maybe I will next time. At this point, there's a delicious, almost ready, sandwich sitting 3 feet away from me, and they procede to dump way too much mustard on it, overwhelming the flavors of the cheese and deli meats.
What's a guy to do?


Sara said...

You gotta go slow with trained monkeys... I mean, they _are_ the best that money can buy but you can only do so much...

(...running away from all her friends who have worked at Subway before...)

sonneva said...

"what's a guy to do?"...


I'm with you on the mustard thing... It's gotta be a the most evil condiment on the planet. I don't understand how you could even eat a little bit.