Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great Bowling

I had a great time bowling last night, after having taken a week off while I was away. I went to the pub next door to the alley for the colcannon I usually have. The previous two weeks that I actually went bowling, there were football games on, so the pub was too busy to go try eating there, so it's been a month since I had it, which made it taste extra good.
My first game of bowling was absolutely horrible. I bowled a 95, which is my worst score in two months. However, when the second game came around, I totally found my groove, and somehow managed to score a 183. I had spent the entire first game throwing a bit to the right, and then being unable to pick up the spares. For the second game, I managed to correct the right curve, and had 3 strikes and something like 8 spares. That score put me into 2nd place in our league. Hopefully I can do something like that again next week.

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