Sunday, April 05, 2009

New Flat

Some of you may have heard, some of you won't have. I'm moving. I'm still staying in London, but I decided it's time to sample another neighbourhood, and try to find a more sociable flat in the process. I found one I liked last weekend, and they selected me from all the people they'd seen, which absolutely made my day. Heck, made my month. I looked at another one I liked a few weeks ago, but they picked someone else, so I was feeling a bit frustrated until this one came along. It's not in exactly the neighbourhood I was hoping for, but after having spent a few hours wandering around the neighbourhood, I'm liking it more and more. I've lost track of all the restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and such that I've encountered, but pretty much everything I need is within 5 minutes walk of the flat. Even Hyde park is only 5 minutes away. I can walk to the office in about half an hour, and it's the same distance to the climbing gym. If I'm lazy (or hungover, or it's raining) and take the tube, work is probably 15-20 minutes away.
The flat itself is interesting too. Starting with the ad and photos, it reminded me of the Burnaby house. When I got there and started meeting everyone, and getting a feel for the atmosphere and character of the place, it reminded me of it even more. I've since given deposit, and filled out all the paperwork, which I'll be giving to them this evening. I'll be starting to move on April 23rd, and I've given myself two weekends and the week between as overlap, so I can try to not stress out too much about actually getting all my stuff moved over. I've got a heck of a lot more than the suitcase full of clothes and computer parts that I arrived with.

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