Monday, May 18, 2009

Wonderful Sunday

I had such a wonderful day on Sunday, I feel like I should write about it.

Sunday morning, I wandered over to Patisserie Valerie, a French bakery restaurant a couple blocks from my flat. It was raining, but I took my umbrella. I got a pain au chocolat and a latte, and retreated back to my flat. I ate breakfast and played around on my computer for a bit, more or less killing time until 2, when I was meeting a couple co-workers and one of their partners for brunch. One of them is into photography as well, so we had made plans to go take photos if the weather was relatively decent. One o'clock rolled by, and I headed out to the tube to get down to Soho. We met for brunch at a place called the Breakfast Club. I had the "all American" for breakfast, which was pancakes with maple syrup, two fried eggs, a sausage, and some bacon. It was fantastically good. I haven't had pancakes and maple syrup since I was back in Vancouver in February. I'd forgotten how good bacon is too with maple syrup.
After our fantastic brunch, we decided that despite the fact that it was raining on and off, we'd go take photos. We caught a tube down to Chancery Lane, just on the edge of "the City", the core financial business district (or at least it used to be before Canary Wharf started to take over.) There's so little in the way of residential down there, and not a whole lot of touristy stuff, so it's practically a ghost town on the weekend, but there's plenty of opportunities for photography. There are some great buildings, and just all sorts of interesting things.
We wandered around there taking photos until around 6:30, at which point the rain picked up, and we found a pub to hole up in with drinks for a while. One of my co-workers, and her partner, headed home from there, and my other co-worker and I headed in the general direction of our respective homes, but decided to find a pub with decent food and have dinner and a couple more drinks. We found a nice pub near her flat, and we both ended up having the Sunday roast. It was, by far, the best pub roast I've ever had. The roast beef was cooked perfectly, with a nice pink middle. The roast potatoes were deliciously crispy on the outside, and not too hard, not too soft on the inside.
All in all, the day could hardly have been any better, even with the way it rained. Great scenery to see, wonderful photo ops, tasty food, but most importantly, excellent company and interesting conversations.

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