Tuesday, June 27, 2006

TP In the Urinal

You know, it's things like this that really make me sceptical about the general intelligence of humanity. Twice now in two days, I've seen a big wad of toilet paper sitting in one of the urinals in the washroom here at work, yellow with soaked up urine. It's disgusting. Anyone with eyes can see that urinals have a grate at the bottom, and will NOT flush anything through. The washroom in question services this floor of the building. This entire floor is rented by the company I work for. I've generally thought, and still do, that the people I work with here are pretty damn smart. A good portion of them are probably what I'd call the cream of the crop, or at least close to. Yet somehow, on a floor of (I'm guessing here) about 100 people, with maybe 60 of them being men, we end up with stupid crap like toilet paper in the urinal.
I expect this kind of stuff in a highschool, or a bar or club, even in a restaurant. People in general are pretty stupid, in my opinion. I'm rather shocked to see it here though.
If the human race is getting this stupid, can I quit? Is there somewhere I can just get off the train?
Hrmf. Stupid people.

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