Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bus User Survey

On my way home from work yesterday, on the #70 bus after taking the central line, I was handed a survey form and a pen as I got on the bus. At the exit doors of the bus was another fellow collecting the forms from people as they got off. It had all sorts of questions about how frequently I use various modes of transport in London, though I do seem to recall it didn't have any questions about how long I have to wait for any of them, or any questions about the quality of the service.
In other news, I've discovered that the route to work I originally thought was slower is actually faster. I had a streak of bad luck with buses not showing up on time earlier, which made this route slower, at the time. Now though, the #70 seems to be showing up more regularly, saving me anywhere from 10-15 minutes every morning. Yay!

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