Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paddington Station

(I just found this on my palm, and realised I hadn't posted it. I wrote this while I was on the train on the way from London to Bristol.)
Train stations are pretty cool. They're kind of like airports, but without all the dealing with customs, security, international vs domestic terminals, etc, at least in the train stations I've been in so far.
London Paddington has a smell to it, the scent of fuel and oil. Most of the stations I've been at, the trains are predomonantly electric. There, the opposite seems to hold true, and you can smell it. I love the smell.
This train is pretty posh too. Every seat has a cloth ... thing... over the headrest, so you're resting your head there, instead of on the seat itself. I don't really see much of a point to it myself, but until now, I'de only seen it in the first class carriages. When I bought my ticket online, I didn't select "forward facing" as I should have, when I was given the choice. Even if you don't, the online tickets give you a seat reservation, which I didn't realise, and as it happens, not only did I get a forward facing seat, but I got a table as well!

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