Thursday, July 03, 2008

Excellent Evenings

I've had a week full of particularly nice evenings.

On Monday, I really didn't feel like doing much, so I just lazed around at home, and watched The Big Lebowski, because I'd been thinking a bit about bowling. I enjoyed the movie, as always, and decided then and there that I was going to go bowling soon.
Tuesday night, Canada day, I went to Trafalgar square for the celebrations after work. Alice was meeting some friends to see a film, My Winnipeg Live, so I joined them. It was definitely interesting, though I know very little about Winnipeg.

Wednesday, I met up with Alice again to go see some classical music at the Wigmore Hall. It was all in French, so I couldn't understand a word, but I enjoyed the music and the singing, so that's all that really matters.

Then tonight, Thursday, I finally went bowling. I went to Tenpin Acton, and was dismayed when I arrived to see that it was cosmic bowling. The darkness, and all the flashing lights all over make it hard to see the markers on the lane, which makes it harder to bowl well. I did my best anyway, and ended up with a 167 first game, which , while not my best, I considered acceptable, considering I haven't bowled in three months. At one point in the night, a DJ came on, and started spinning some pretty good tunes. He also announced that if you end up with a red pin as your head pin, come let them know, and if you get a strike on it, you win a prize. I figured that the chances of getting it to come up as the head pin was slim enough, and getting a strike with someone watching, even slimmer. Sure enough though, it came up as my head pin on my first frame of my last (fifth) game, and when I called someone over to watch, I actually ended up with a strike! I won a bottle of sparkling perry as a result, which I gather is something like cheap Champagne. Only two frames later, I had another red pin at the head, and actually managed to throw another strike! Shortly later I was off to the tube to come home, with a bottle of booze in each hand.


Anonymous said...

Say, are these still whole?

Derek said...

Yeah, I haven't found an excuse to crack them yet.