Friday, July 04, 2008

Oh for crying out loud

Do the French have nothing better to complain about? Sorry.... the Quebecois.
That does remind me of something though. Anyone who's had proper poutine knows it's made with cheese curd, not anything so plain as grated cheese. At the big Canada day celebration down at Trafalgar square on Tuesday, the DJ there was going on and on at every opportunity about how the cheese that had been flown over here for the poutine was held up in customs at Heathrow. The said someone from the embassy had gone to Tesco and bought some "Canadian cheddar", and that they were furiously grating it for the poutine. For one thing, how hard can it possibly be to get cheese curd here in the UK, that they have to fly the stuff over specially? And for another, grated cheddar cheese is hardly an substitute. He never once mentioned the word "curd", so I have a feeling he doesn't actually know a damn thing about poutine.

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