Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cold Weather

Cold weather sure is hard on batteries. It was -3°C yesterday, which may not be all that cold really, but it's cold for batteries. In my wandering around from 10am until 5pm, even though I didn't take that many photos, I went through all three of my camera batteries, something I've never done before in a single day. Next time I plan a photo-outing day that's cold like that, I may have to try keeping the unused one in my pocket, see if keeping them warm helps any. I suspect though that they'll get cold quickly enough once they're out of my pocket and in the camera that it won't have any effect. Mind you, I've had these batteries for nearly 4 years now, I wonder if the batteries aren't holding as much charge as they did new.
On another note, I had a wonderful wander yesterday. I went to St. James Park, Buckingham Palance, the Parliament Buildings, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey, though I didn't go into any of the buildings. At least the first three, members of the public aren't allowed in.

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