Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, 11am GMT

It's 11am Saturday morning, and I'm sitting in a Caffe Nero on Regent Street in London, enjoying a large Chai Latte. In my pocket is a ticket to the 5pm show of Avenue Q. Life is good.
I left the house at around 8:30 this morning, which is pretty much a normal working day time for me. I had breakfast at McDonalds, then went next door to a Caffe Nero for my morning coffee, and relaxed with my book for a bit. I tubed down to the half price ticket booth at Leicester Square and stood in line for about half an hour to get my ticket. It's rather chilly this morning, with the slightest hint of snowflakes blowing on the wind. I've brought my camera bag and netbook out with me today, so I'm hoping it warms up a little bit, so I can wander around, enjoy the scenery, and take photos, between now and the show.

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