Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sea... Planet! Sea... Earth!

Saturday was great.
Sara and I spent the afternoon at Stanley park with lots of friends. Devon and Jenny, and others from Academy Duelo were there. Sam was there too, with her new beau Peter.
There was some sword fighting, which I didn't partake in, and some frisbee, which I did. Sam and Peter and I tossed the frisbee around until we were about ready to drop.
Later in the evening, Sam and Peter came over to play some games
First up was Settlers of Cattan. It was Peter's first time. Sara and Sam rocked the game, to nobody's surprise, and Sam won it mere moments before Sara would have.
Next was Pictionary, which I've owned since October, but hadn't played yet. Or rather, I've played Pictionary, but not my somewhat-newly purchased box. Somehow, Sara and I won the game, despite me being unable to guess "Sea World", all the while shouting "Sea... planet! Sea... earth!". I felt a little slow. ;)
It sure was a fun day.

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sonneva said...

Yes! It was a completely awesome day and evening... We like you slow... it gives us an advantage!