Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's All Gone

So, I just decided to try to restore my palm from backups. I was phenomonally stupid a couple weekends ago, and let my palm battery get SO low that the volitile memory, storing all my years of data, went dead. Basically, my data's all gone. I just found out that my most recent backup is titled "2004-03-30". Yes, that's right, over 2 years old. It's before I even started dating Sara.
I find it hard to imagine how much I lost. The frustrating thing is, I even tried doing a backup a couple months ago, but ended up spending so much time fiddling with trying to get it to work automatically, that I never actually did a proper backup. I'm an idiot.

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slightly-less-random said...

Damn that sucks man. I've got gigabytes and gigabytes of photos that need to get burned to DVD and I'm really quite far behind. I understand your pain.

On the other hand, think of it as throwing away old baggage! Erm, yeah.