Friday, July 07, 2006

More Computer Stupidities

I just ran across this on the Computer Stupidities website, and it made me think of Sara's time at UBC music school. That's not to say that Sara's "excessively terrible at singing", quite the contrary, she sings beautifully, and I'm quite thankful for that, given this story:
I was an IBM tech at the time. A customer called in with a complex problem. During the course of the call I could hear, in the background, a screeching wail. I tried to ignore it, but it was distracting, and later I began to get worried about what sort of thing was going on there. About five minutes into the call I considered putting the customer on hold and calling the police when the customer asked if I was wondering what the noise in the background was. She said, "I work in an opera school, and that particular student is excessively terrible at singing." I had to put the customer on hold until I stopped laughing.

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