Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Phone Number

So Sara and I each got a Palm Treo 650 pda/phone last night, so we've got new phone numbers. My new number is still a 778 number, but the next 3 digits are 30 lower than before (take the old 3, and subtract 30), and the last 4 are 5541 lower than before (take the last 4 from before, subtract 5541, and then put a zero at the front.)
I hope that made sense. If not, drop me an email.
So far, I'm very much enjoying my Treo. It's nice to be able to keep my phone numbers in one place. I was always frustrated before because I'd have the new number on my phone, and still have old numbers on the palm, or vice-versa. Now, they're all in one place, and I can dial easily through the palm address book software and all that. Sweet. :)

1 comment:

Sara said...

Gotta say... I love mine too!

Great idea Derek!