Monday, April 28, 2008

Nearly Set

I've nearly got my abode set up to my satisfaction. On the weekend, I bought an LCD screen, computer case, mouse, and keyboard, in order to put my desktop computer together, with the parts I'd brought with me from Canada. Sunday evening, when I finally sat down to start putting everything together, I discovered, much to my dismay, that I had no SATA cables, so I couldn't connect my hard drive or DVD drive. Everything else is all connected and ready to go, except for that. How frustrating. I also realized that since the internet in the house is wireless, I would need a wireless card for my desktop, something I've never needed before. The last (I hope) missing item was speakers. Since I've been there, I've been listening to my music on my laptop, with the built in speakers, so when I start using my desktop, I'll need speakers so I can listen to music. No sense, I figured, in buying some chintzy little speakers I'd want to replace in a couple months, so I bought some nice surround speakers like I had back home, so my music will sound good.
I may not actually be able to get everything set up tonight though, as Giuseppe has invited me out with he and his friends to a pub where one of them is going to be playing guitar, and as much as I do want to get my computer up and running, it'll be there tomorrow, so I'll probably go out with Giuseppe and company tonight instead.

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