Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Starbucks Sucks

I've discovered something interesting since I got here. I used to think I liked Starbucks coffee, but it turns out I was wrong! What I really liked was lots and lots of cream (not milk) and sugar in my coffee. Back home, I put so much cream and sugar in it, I could barely taste the coffee. When I got here, and met Richard and Elizabeth in the airport, they offered to get a coffee for me, to help me with the jet lag. I got a white americano, with sugar, which is the closest you can generally order to the way I used to drink coffee. A white americano is watered down espresso, with milk added. Milk, mind you, not cream. Despite having much less cream and sugar than I was used to, it was quite tasty, and I ended up going to the same coffee chain (Costa Coffee) again, and tried one without any sugar in it, and found it quite palatable. I've been drinking my coffee like that since, but one morning when walking to work, I took a slightly different route, and didn't see anywhere terribly appealing to get coffee, so I popped into the Starbucks close to my office. I ordered a white americano, and nearly spit out my first sip. It's horrible! Not only is it not nearly as tasty as everywhere else I've been, but they do their coffee so hot you have to let it cool down before drinking it, or you'll burn your mouth to a crisp! Everywhere else serves it hot, but not scorchingly so. I can't believe I've been drinking that stuff for so long.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Starbucks sucks :) I find even McDonald's coffee more palatable. But then I'm a black-coffee guy so you know that kinda changes the game. The purists would just say I don't appreciate the delicate tones, but I say I've just not suffered as many acid burns.

Also possible that Starbuck's sucks more there?