Monday, May 26, 2008

Cost of food and beverage

It's really weird how the cost of food and drinks here work out. If you go to the grocery store, then it's not bad, but if you eat out, it's crazy. For example, I think a decent loaf of bread is something like 64p, or $1.28 CDN. That's not too bad, right?
I found a place nearby that I quite like for breakfast. For £8.75, you get two pieces of back bacon, two sausages, two eggs, two large fried mushrooms, two fried tomatoes, two hashbrowns, two pieces of toast, a glass of juice, and a cup of tea. (When I say two hashbrowns, understand that hashbrowns here are like the ones at McDonalds, sort of a hashbrown pattie.) That sounds like a lot of food, but when it comes down to it, I can finish it all when I'm a bit hungry, so it's not an enormous amount of food or anything, but it's the equivalent of $17.50! That's a ton of money for breakfast. You could certainly find the same thing for cheaper, if you went to something like a greasy spoon, but this is like IHOP quality, not overly greasy.
Last night, I decided to go for a Sunday roast for dinner. The pub I got to at 6:30 was all out, so I found some restaurant called Gravy, and went there. The roast was £12, which included maybe 6-8 oz of lamb, some roast potatoes, gravy, and some vegetables. Hardly a lot of food, though it was tasty. I had a cheap glass of wine, at £3.75, and after dinner, had a latte, for £1.50. All told, it ended up being nearly £20, or $40 CDN! For that price in Vancouver, I'd be dining on an enormous steak, covered in seafood, and having at least 2 glasses of wine.
Out at the pub, a pint of beer runs anywhere from £2.80 to £3.60 at the places I've been. On the cheap end of things, that's not too bad, because the pints are bigger than in Canada, because they're proper pints, not a sleeve. I had two rum & coke when I was out on Saturday. One was Havana Club rum, and it was £6.50. The other was plain old Bacardi dark rum, and it was £4.20. Either way, $8.40 or $13 for a little glass of ice, with a bit of soft drink, and an ounce of rum, is rather expensive. It's a good thing I'm earning pounds.

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