Wednesday, May 14, 2008

London Bus Drivers

I'm nearly convinced that most London bus drivers are NASCAR dropouts. I have to hold on for dear life when I'm on the bus, or I'll get thrown all over the place. They accelerate like a bat out of hell, brake for bus stops so hard I feel like my organs are being flattened, and go around corners so fast I'd swear I've heard the tires squealing. And all this with a double-decker red London bus! They're maniacs! The couple times I've been forced to go upstairs due to the crowding have been absolutely terrifying. When they come flying in to a bus stop, it always looks like they're about to run over the people waiting there, or like the swaying of the bus is going to crash it into one of the lamp poles.
And despite all this, neither the E3 nor the 70 (the two buses that take me to the tube station in the morning) still don't show up on schedule. They're supposed to arrive every 9-10 minutes, according to the sign, but it's usually more like 20-25 minutes.

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