Sunday, May 18, 2008

Liver to brain, "Are you out of your mind?"

"Overworked and abused liver, 27 years old, seeks safe home."
This has been quite a weekend. I've met more new people this weekend than I have in the prior 6 weeks of being here.
On Friday, a co-worker of mine, Pria, invited me to join her at a nearby pub where she meets up with a bunch of people she went to university here with. That wasn't going to be until 8pm though, so I figured I would go find food first, and then meet here there. Well, before doing that though, I went to the pub across the street from the office with two other co-workers, to have one pint before I went to find food. After that pint, one co-worker headed home, and the other and I wandered over to the pub where I'd be meeting Pria later. As it turned out, after work on a Friday is not a great time to try to get food in a pub, so we just ordered beer instead, and stood around chatting, and ordering more beer, until Pria arrived. Pria apologized for being so late, and got a round of drinks. She introduced me to her husband, as well as some people they went to university with. The next thing I knew, it was 1am, I still hadn't eaten, and I'd had more pints than I could keep track of. Pria, her husband and I decided then that we should go get some food, because none of us had eaten. We walked down to Chinatown, which was quite close by, and found room in a restaurant there. More beer was ordered. I ended up ordering (despite the fact that it wasn't on the menu) udon noodles, with XO sauce and shredded beef, which is basically the #82 on the menu at Hons which I used to order every time I was there. When it arrived, it was everything I had expected, it was delicious. Eventually, Pria and Alex guided me to Trafalgar Square, where most of London's night buses run from, and I caught the N11 home uneventfully. It was well after 3am that I finally crawled into bed.
Saturday, I didn't get out of bed until 12:30, and was feeling none too steady by then even. Copious amounts of water and a few Tylenol were pressed into service, and by mid-afternoon, I was feeling mostly human again. At around 5:00, I headed out to the tube to go downtown. I had posted on looking for anyone that's interested in going out to see musicals, theatre, classical concerts, etc, and someone had answered, so I went for a coffee with her. She seems like a very nice lady, so we may go see a show or something at some point. I couldn't talk too long though, because I had also been invited to a co-worker's birthday dinner party. She knew I hadn't really met anyone in London yet, so she very kindly invited me to the party, so I could meet some people. The dinner party was Mexican themed, with tacos for dinner, and plenty of tropical weather cocktails, and tequila, of course. At some point, the canvas and finger paints came out. Anyone who's ever done it before knows that when finger paints and alcohol mix, you inevitably get paint everywhere, on everything, which is exactly what happened. It was fantastically fun, I met a whole bunch of new people, who mentioned that I should add them on facebook, so hopefully I'll see some of them again.
It's 10:30am here now, I got home at about 9:00 am, after sleeping drunkenly on the floor at my co-worker's house, along with at least four other people. I've finished a large latte, and about a litre of water, and I'm feeling pretty good, all things considered, but I think I'll be giving my liver the rest of the week off.

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sonneva said...

Careful now... I'm not there to sit beside you as you vomit all night :P.

Glad you are having fun!