Thursday, February 12, 2009

Check SIM Card

"Check SIM Card" is what my Palm Treo has been saying on and off since I got back from the ski trip. I dropped the phone once (I've dropped it dozens of times) and it seems to have broken something this time. It keeps losing connectivity with the SIM card, so then it can't talk to the network, so it's not working very well as a phone.
I had enough of it on Tuesday so I went out and bought an iPhone. (Queue laughter, finger pointing, and general making fun of Derek) I'm "satisfied" with it so far, though by no means "thrilled". I would have liked to wait for the new Palm Pre, but that won't be out as a GSM model until at least October, and the software I'd like probably won't all be available until sometime next year, so I needed something in the interim. Who knows, maybe I'll grow to love the iPhone with time, despite it's faults, like an adorable one-eyed cat I once knew.

1 comment:

kaosgrl said...

or a crazy emotional choatic girl you once knew....

Oh wait that seems to be all you know :-)