Sunday, February 08, 2009

Horrible timing

I was going to write a post all about how awesome my vacation was, but I'm too tired and pissed off now. I got home, and to try to stay awake, was going to play some Fallout 3, but my computer had other ideas. It turns out that while I was away, there had been a power outage. I turned my computer back on, ignored the slight bit of graphics oddness I noticed, wrote a couple emails, then ended up chatting with a flatmate in the kitchen for a while. When I came back in, my computer was locked up solid. When I reboot it, I get completely scrambled video, and sometimes it randomly reboots. The video card is hot enough to the touch that it nearly burns. Looks like it got cooked while I was away. Damnit, I really didn't need to be buying more computer parts right now. Besides, now how the hell am I going to keep myself awake?


kaosgrl said...

Yikes what a thing to come home to :(

**hugs** my thoughts are with you my friend

Benjamin Random said...

Dang man, that sucks. My laptop broke too, and it was graphics foobar that did it. It was fun to then totally dismantle it :) Want any Thinkpad bits?