Friday, February 13, 2009

Quarterly Business Review

Every three months at work, we have a long meeting with everyone on the company where we go over how the company has done over the last quarter, and see what's planned for the next. So far, they have all involved dinner and drinks afterword, on the company. Yesterday was no exception. After the nearly three hour long meeting, we went to the pub near the office for dinner, and a few drinks. A few drinks eventually turned into being kicked out at midnight when they closed up the pub. A few of us then decided, possibly unwisely, that the night was yet young, so we took a cab down to Soho and found a nice loungy sort of place. At one point in the evening when we were nearly the only people there, one coworker asked them to turn the music off, which they did, so she could jam on the piano. She did that for a while, which was very nice, but they too eventually closed, leaving us out on the street. We spent a bit of time in a club nearby that turned out to be a bit dodgy, so we called it a night and all three of us hopped into a cab to do the circuit our flats to drop us each off. By the time I got home it was four in the morning. Today it's been a bit of a trial to stay awake, and I'm supposed to be meeting Iris and Sonja for Iris' going away party at (yet another) club in Soho. I don't think it will be nearly as long a night.

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