Saturday, February 14, 2009


I'm so happy that the weekend is finally here. I do have some things planned for Sunday, but it's still going to much calmer and quieter a weekend than any of the past three, what with the trip back home to Canada and all. Last night, not feeling entirely my best, I went out to Sound, the club where Iris was having her going away party on here last night on London. One of her coworker, Jodi, is in a band, Foxi, that was playing their debut gig there. They were really good, I'd love to go to another of their gigs. I ended up heading home "early", at around midnight, so I could catch the tube instead of the night bus. Having had only four hours of sleep the night before, I was quite tired.
Today I had my coffee an muffin for "breakfast", around 1 pm, then went out to the mall to get some headphones to replace the ones I lost on the way home from the ski trip. I had bought cheap replacements in Vancouver, but I got what I paid for. Whenever I walk, the vibration of the cable rubbing of the cable on my jacket is horribly amplified in the earpieces because the plastic the cables are made of is too stiff. Anyway, the new ones I got today seem much better, and they have a microphone and iPod controls which is nice with my new iPhone.

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W* said...

When did you get an iphone? you should give you little sister your old one... yeah, that's a good idea, I'm sure she'd like that.