Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Someone asked me today how I'm liking my iPhone now that I've had of for a week. There are a lot of pros and cons. In no particular order:

1. Google maps with GPS and directions, anywhere, anytime. Awesome. Pretty much the killer app for me.
2. Pretty good ebook reader. Can download PDB format books from any webserver (or. your own)
3. Looking up shop phone numbers, hours, location, etc, while out and about. Very handy.
4. Seamless switching from cellular data to wifi networks. At home or work, it uses wifi, everywhere else, it's 3G.

1. Calendar event reminders have no snooze feature. I used this feature on the palm a tremendous amount. I even paid for an add-on that gave me 4 snooze buttons to snooze for different amounts of time. If I was getting dressed in the morning and noticed I was nearly put of clean socks, I would set an event for 7pm that day, shortly after I get home, to remind me to do laundry. If I worked late and wasn't yet home when it went off, I would simply hit snooze. On the iPhone, I have to go to the event, edit it, change the time on it, and save.
2. Battery life isn't phenomenal. It'll last all day if you're not using the data services TOO much. I almost killed it on Sunday.
3. Bluetooth sucks. All it works for is headsets. Rumour has it that you can do more of you jailbreak it, but I haven't tried the Bluetooth yet since.
4. No ability to select IMAP folder subscriptions. It also auto-expands any nested folders. What this means for me is that moving an email into my spam folder is incredibly painful, because I have to scroll down the folder list for a good 5 seconds to get to the spam folder.
5. Lack of copy-paste. Yes, I know everyone and their dog has complained about this, but it's damned annoying not having it. If I want to rearrange sentences in an email, forget it. (Since I jailbroke my iPhone, I've tried the clippy program, which does a decent job of hacking in a clipboard, but integrated functionality, without having to do something like jailbreaking would be much better.)
6. No background apps. This is a bit more impacting that it may at first sound like. In addition to apps not being able to run in the background, they can't seem to subscribe to timers or anything either, when they're not running. This makes SO many things impossible. A todo app with deadlines that reminds you when your deadline is approaching? Natch. RSS reader that automatically downloads articles from your feeds each morning? Natch. Very frustrating.

I'm sure there's more for both categories, but I'm tired of typing on the on screen keyboard. It's tolerable, but that's as much credit as I'm willing to give it.

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Benjamin Random said...

No copy paste!? WTF!

Still that mapping stuff is super tempting.