Monday, March 24, 2008


This past weekend was theEaster long weekend, and I was up in Kelowna to see my family. It was my last opportunity to see my sister and my grandparents before I fly to the UK for an indeterminate length of time. It also marked the weekend I'd be giving my car to my parents to look after while I'm gone.
I wanted to get one last good drive in, so I took the Hope-Princeton highway there, via Keremeos. The weather was decent (no snow, little rain), the traffic was light, and the car was just purring. It took me 6 hours on the nose, with a couple short stops to fill up my stomach and the tank, and to empty my bladder. It was pretty much the perfect drive for the last trip with Bianca for a while.
For the way back, I caught the bus to Hope, where Chris picked me up, and we went for a tasty home cooked meal at the Hope Drive-In & Restaurant. After driving back in to town on Highway 7, to avoid traffic, we went to the Town & Country, our usual haunt, for some bowling, and to say hello (and goodbye) to Erica. My back had been sore all weekend, but I decided to bowl as a semi-cripple anyway. We bowled three games, with Erica joining us for the last two, and on the last game, I scored 193, which is an all-time high for me, at 10-pin bowling.
Now I'm home, and back to work, and packing, and cleaning, with only 7 days left before I fly away! Exciting!

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