Friday, March 28, 2008

Coding Challenge

Yesterday, I had "Coding Challenge" to do. One of the companies that my recruiter had forwarded my CV to was interested, and I guess their standard practice is to give people an exercise to do. It was quite simple, and I finished it in 40 minutes. When I got a response back to my solution, they sounded very happy with it, and also said it was the quickest time they've had so far. Prior to that, I had actually been a little bit upset that it had taken me so long to finish such a simple exercise, but now I'm not so upset. They're talking to my recruiter now to schedule a face to face interview. That'll bring the total of face to face interviews up to a total of four. Exciting times!
I also scheduled time on the evening of the 2nd to go look at the flatshare I'm interested in, and meet the people there. If everything works out, I could be employed, and have a place to live, all by April 9th. That would be awesome.

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