Friday, March 14, 2008

London, here I come!

Today's been a rather momentous day. First, I booked a flight to London for March 31st, then I quit my job.
Plans for sending me to the new Spanish office haven't progressed the way I had hoped, and I feel a little bit like I've been jerked around, or at the absolute least, not communicated with very well. As a result of that, and other happenings in the company that I'm not very happy with, I decided it was time to close the book on the "Spanish Saga", as my dad has nicknamed it, and go ahead with my original plan of moving to the UK.
I posted my resume on on Wednesday night, fired it off to about 10 different job posts, and by the next morning, I had 6 replies from recruiters who were interested in placing me in various positions. The rapidness of the response, as well as the volume, convinced me quite quickly that I shouldn't have any problem finding a good job over there.
I'm so excited now!


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Our loss but UK's gain ;)

Unknown said...

Good luck Derek! I look forward to reading about your adventures :)