Saturday, March 08, 2008


Luggage, originally uploaded by Xenoc.

New luggage, yay! I bought the maximum amount and size of luggage I'm allowed for both checked and carry on baggage, so I can take as much of my "stuff" as possible when I move to Europe, without having to ship stuff over. If I'm lucky, I won't need to actually ship anything, because I think I can cram everything that's important to me into these two hard cases and carry on. They're also nice and light, so I can fill up the weight limit with more actual stuff, instead of just heavy luggage.
Besides, it's red!

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Unknown said...

This reminds me of my glorious arrival in Vancouver, last year. And I had two red bags too (soft ones not hard ones like yours). You will need 3 or 4 arms for all that stuff ;-)

There is nothing like arriving in an unknown city to start a new adventure, though. I can only wish you to fare well and bon voyage!