Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's official, I'm now unemployed. Yesterday was my last day at Riptown, and it was a pretty good last day. We had 17 people for a delicious dim-sum lunch, beers in the sportsbook area at 3:30, and then I wandered around to say goodbye to everyone on my floor. Jeffery even poured me a small glass of scotch to toast with, which was a wonderful wrap up. There's a lot of people there that I'm going to miss working with, but who knows where the currents of life will take us all.
After work, I finally went out and bought some new shoes. I need something that'll be comfortable enough to spend a good 4 days on my feet, once I get to London, but that are also nice enough looking that I can wear them with my suit for interviews. I seem to recall Ben recommending Ecco at one point, so that's what I ended up with. His recommendations are rarely wrong, I've found. I'm still using vim, after all.
My suitcase is also mostly packed, as of last night. I disassembled the last of my computer equipment, and packed what I need in my suitcase, along with clothes, and all sorts of other ancillary things. It turns out packing just one of my suitcases takes me to the 30lb weight limit for Zoom, so I'll be trying to return the other one, and the carry on, this morning. The carry on is also too heavy for Zoom's ridiculously low weight allowances.
Now I'm just waiting for my storage box to arrive from ahsoeasy storage, so I can start loading it, and go run some errands.

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Anonymous said...

Oh cool, Eccos are the rock for traveling on your feet and lookin' snappy when you get off the plane. Bummer about the suitcase snafu :/ 30 lbs, geez..