Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cambie Monday

Last night after work, I went down to the Cambie for one last night of pitchers of winter ale. It was quite busy when I got there, which was unusual for the hour, but I realized that I had forgotten it was St. Patrick's Day. I found a table with only two people at it, and asked the guys if my friends and I could join them. When I heard their accent, I asked them if they were from the UK. It turns out they're both from Rugby, and are here traveling, separately, and met up for beers. What a great coincidence.
Quy and Cam, a couple of my co-workers, showed up a little while after Jenn, and we all had a good time drinking beer, and some of us having burgers, before we called it a night.
I'm glad I got to go back one last time.

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